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PostSubject: NavigationSaysWhat?   NavigationSaysWhat? EmptyMon Jul 14, 2008 1:59 pm

Nevermind guys, I worked it out. If either Christy or Austin could delete this topic, that would be awesome.

Hey there friends. So I'm working on revamping my blog site, but I'm having some strange trouble with the navigation code. When the links are inactive they look just like they should, but the hover is whacked. The background won't show up. I've been putting "!important"s in like crazy and I'm not sure what I'm missing. =P So here's the code I have:
a.nav, a.navb, a.navc, a.navd, a.navf{display:text; font-family:century gothic!important; font-size:18pt!important; color:000000!important; letter-spacing:-3!important; font-style:italic;"} a.nav:hover{font-family:century gothic!important; font-size:18pt!important; color:000000!important; letter-spacing:-3!important; background:#5b5b5b!important;} a.navb:hover{font-family:century gothic!important; font-size:18pt!important; color:000000!important; letter-spacing:-3!important;background:#303030!important;} a.navc:hover{font-family:century gothic!important; font-size:18p!important; color:000000!important; letter-spacing:-3!important; background:#b3b3b3!important;} a.navd:hover{font-family:century gothic!important; font-size:18pt!important; color:000000!important; letter-spacing:-3!important;background:#d9d9d9!important;} a.navf:hover{font-family:century gothic!important; font-size:18pt!important; color:000000!important; letter-spacing:-3!important;background:#999999!important;}
If you could look through it and see what's missing that would be awesome, and so much appreciated. Thanks a bagillion. =)
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